The elections are over and the general comment across the country is "thank God."

But there are those who insist on furthering their comments with snide remarks. If their favorite candidate lost, they call the winning side nasty names.  If their favorite won, they rub salt in the wound and gloat over their victory.  Why?  What does that accomplish?

I rarely talk politics.  I find it a no-win task.  No one is perfect, so there will never be a perfect candidate.  They all have faults, just as most have good qualities--some more than others.  And because we live in such a wonderful country, the good news is that no one person can make or break or system.  They have to work together in order to get something done.

So, let's all work together, Washington!  We have the chance to get it right and get back on track if you all play nice.

    Blanche Marriott

    Join me as I unload some of life’s frustrations and annoyances in a light-hearted trip down bitch lane.

    If the same things bother you, you’ll take heart that you’re not alone. And if they don’t bother you, well, you’re a much better person than me and we’ll probably never be friends.



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